Product Name: Runners’ Hamstring Support

Runners’ hamstring support

The F3 hamstring support has one certain, no-brainer innovation about it that is certain to be copied again and again by every manufacturer in the business…and we’ll bet you a Big-Mac this takes place within one year. When you have a hammy strain…you either need to wrap it with a heat-retaining material…or just sit on the sidelines for up to two weeks, that’s just how it is. The problem is that neoprene thigh support slowly slide down toward your knee beginning with your runs’ first step. You have to stop and pull the stupid thing back into place again and again…and after a week of dealing with this, you’re apt to just forget about wearing the wrap at all and risk further or more serious injury.
Our F3 hamstring support includes a comfortable spandex strap that attached to the support and wraps(under your shorts, our of sight) comfortably around your hip and back to the support, keeping the support anchored securely just where you need it. No stopping, no discomfort…and after a couple of weeks…no injury. The strap also included a little cargo pocket positioned conveniently at one end of the hip strap. Fits all adult sizes comfortably, machine washable.

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